Chinese blue-collar professionals’ upskilling platform Skillcamp raises tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A funding round
2022-12-12 16:55:32

Skillcamp, a Chinese upskilling platform for blue-collar professionals, has raised tens of millions of yuan in a pre-A funding round from individual investors.

According to the company, the fresh capital will be used for supporting product development, user growth, and business model exploration.

Founded in 2014, Skillcamp started its business by providing offline training for white-collar employees. Now, the platform focuses on providing online learning, Q&A, and job opportunities for blue-collar who have worked for 1 to 8 years.

The section on online learning provides 3 to 5-minute teaching videos about skill improvement which are free or paid.

The Q&A section is divided into two parts. The general part is similar to an online community and is free. As for the other part, the questions will be answered one-on-one by experts, and this part is charged.

The third part provides job opportunities for blue-collar workers, and the platform will charge the recruiting companies.

Sun Zhaoxiu, the founder of Skillcamp, said that skills of white-collar are soft skills, which are difficult to standardize. With China’s emphasis on vocational skills training, the platform transformed its sights on the sector of blue-collar upskilling.

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