Zhuoshi Meta Tech raises RMB40Mn in an A+ funding round to develop digital talent training program empowered by metaverse education
2022-12-17 18:07:51

Zhuoshi Meta Tech, a Chinese startup focusing on Metaverse empowerment education, announced recently that it has raised 40 million yuan in its A+ round of financing led by Rongdao Capital of UFIDA, with the participation also from Qingyan Capital of Tsinghua University, and Lihe Capital.

Founded in 2018, the startup is a high-tech enterprise. It has in-depth cooperation with Lenovo, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Baidu, etc., and has been invested by the Hainan Provincial Department of Finance. The company is committed to creating a full-scale digital talent training program that focuses on adolescents and covers the vocational education stage as well as the full-link, full-scenario, and full-cycle Metaverse empowerment education for adults.

Previous to this round, the startup had received two rounds of financing. In 2019, Zhuoshi Future raised tens of millions of yuan in a Series A funding round from Lenovo; in 2021, it raised another funding round of Series A from Qingfeng Investment and Qingyan AI Industry Fund.

As of the first half of 2022, more than 6,300 customers across the country have introduced the company’s meta-cosmic digital talent training program. The company's product has covered nearly 10 provinces and cities in China.

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