New York-based AI-powered learning platform Sizzle AI raises $7.5 million Seed round led by Owl Ventures
2023-08-26 08:30:58


Sizzle AI, a New York-based company AI-powered platform, raised $7.5 million in a seed funding led by Owl Ventures and with participation from 8VC.

Led by Jerome Pesenti, Founder and CEO, Sizzle AI provides Sizzle, a free interactive app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help learners work through any problem, including word problems, step by step.

Unlike other apps that only provide answers, Sizzle offers students a supportive and confidence-building experience by encouraging them to tackle problems themselves. 

By allowing users to ask questions without hesitation or fear of judgment, Sizzle nurtures critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of core concepts.

Sizzle’s mission is to make learning an incredible and engaging experience for everyone. It harnesses AI technology to interact with learners in a way that fosters excitement and support.

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