China-based STEAM Start-up New Factory Closes Seed Round
2020-01-10 17:30:13

New Factory, a China-based STEAM education company, announced it has raised millions of yuan in an angel round led by Hu Jianfeng and crowdfunded by HAX, which also invested in the seed round.The funding will be used for the promotion of the Get Maker Carnival and the development of the STEAM education product application platform. 

Most of the STEAM education companies mainly targets the market in the first- and second-tier cities currently while New Factory started its business from the Maker Education for kids in the third- and fourth-tier cities.

Initially tapping into coding market by paper-plane, the company also holds Get Maker Carnival and colorful technological events to let parents and students at K-12 stage to experience their products. So far, STEAM education in China is still facing the challenge of the introduction in schools, related products are concentrated in mainly known as robot, kid programming, and 3D printing.