MOE: National Cloud Classroom Planned to Open on February 17th amid China's Coronavirus Outbreak
2020-01-31 13:49:09

National Public Service Platform for Educational Resources, also known as “national cloud classroom” is planned to open on February 17th, to ensure that the teaching activities in elementary and secondary schools will normally proceed during the prevention and control of Coronavirus, China's Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Jan 28th.

Based upon textbooks compiled by MOE and those widely used in different regions, the platform provides online learning resources for students from elementary school to regular high school, meanwhile, offers online on-demand courses schedule meeting teaching and learning progress in each grade.

On the platform, schools can either choose the modular curriculum or use the tools provided to design an individual flexible schedule of existing resources according to own conditions. Then students can learn from the videos on demand; plus, online lectures and interactive tutoring are also available.

In addition, relevant programs will be broadcast via China Education Television(CETV), considering that students from some rural and remote poverty-stricken areas have limited access to network infrastructure.