MOE: Open Time of Universities Determined by Regional Situation as Coronavirus Fears Grow
2020-02-02 17:54:42

As more than 33.66 million college students across the country are about to return to school, the large population will bring extremely high traffic load and tremendous pressure on the prevention and control of the coronavirus epidemic. 

The Ministry of Education(MOE) responded yesterday to related questions, saying that the open time of colleges and universities in each region should be determined by the local government based on own situation. Also, “whether the college and regular high school entrance examination should be postponed will be considered but it is too early to make a decision now.” Said MOE. 

In addition, because of the delayed open time, a number of schools are providing online courses to ensure that teaching activities will normally proceed but many students are concerned about whether the online course is just like a simple tutorial. 

MOE responded: “China is a country with abundant MOOC resources, and lots of courses in colleges and universities are provided in this way for students to learn on-demand along with teacher’s lecture, homework submission and online discussion. We state that online courses are included in the syllabus.”