China’s Academic Database Scraps Paywall amid Coronavirus Outbreak
2020-02-03 19:16:03

On February 1st, CNKI (National Knowledge Infrastructure), the largest and mostly-used academic online library in China, released a notice of making its contents available free of charge amid coronavirus outbreak to help students and researchers work from home.

To meet the demand of literature reviewing, teachers and students can access resources paid by their colleges including vocational schools via off-campus roaming for free, which is not allowed during the past.

In addition, CNKI’s Research Platform(知网研学), a database and a knowledge management system supported by resources from CNKI, also provides services targeted at individual users, as well as researchers, teachers and students at each educational stage. 

The items include literature retrieval and reading, notes taking, online writing, mind maps, as well as individuals knowledge management system. As for literature reading, each person is limited to reading no more than 20 articles per day from February 1st to March 3rd.