Top Universities Offer Free Online Courses via Douyin to Shape Learners amid Wuhan Pneumonia
by Siyi Zhang
2020-02-06 16:27:50


From February 3rd to 6th, Tsinghua University provides online broadcast lecturing via Douyin (Tik Tok China), with a total of five courses covering international relations, public expression, traditional Chinese culture, interpersonal relationships, and dance appreciation. Meanwhile, Peking University’s official Douyin account also announced to launch more live courses from February 5th.

Yesterday, about 160,000 netizens took Tsinghua University’s online class via Douyin, and Peking University's first online course also brought together more than 30,000 audiences at the same time, focusing on novel coronavirus related issues such as “How will the epidemic shape Chinese economy?”  

Apart from cooperating with China's top 2 universities, Douyin also initiates a new program (#DOU是知识点) to provide free contents related to language learning, automotive knowledge, along with courses for primary and secondary school students. “We hope to enrich user’s life by offering high-quality resources co-developed with universities and creators. In this way, maybe we can turn our living room into a classroom.” Said the person in charge of this program.

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