Partnering with China Media Group, VIPKid Provides Free Courses to Aid Virus Battle
2020-02-06 17:37:40

China Media Group(CMG)’s newly launched comprehensive audiovisual platform known as the first national new media platform supported by 5G technology, partners with VIPKid to provide students with free online class via live broadcasting including subjects such as English and Mathematics. And the courses for children's education are also available for parents. The first live streaming started at 2 pm yesterday, and from today, the class will begin at 10 am and end at 9:30 pm to cover all parents and students from grades 1 to 6.

The English class is mainly delivered by foreign teachers and Chinese teachers with abundant teaching experience will also be involved as an added value to the teaching faculty. Mathematics lectures will be presented by teachers who graduated from top universities, focusing on children’s logical thinking training, as well as their improvement in both academic performance and learning abilities.

Moreover, VIPKid also specially invited senior experts to set up a series of curriculum targeting at parents, guiding them on how to protect kids from some potential problems caused by the epidemic. Moreover, topics in terms of learning at home like time planning, habit development, ability improvement are also addressed in the lectures provided.

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