The Coronavirus Epidemic Accelerates OneSmart Education's Online-Merge-Offline Footprint
2020-02-13 17:37:07

OneSmart Education Group(NYSE: ONE), a high-end and diversified education company established in 2008 with its business widely developed in China, announced recently the launch of OneSmart Online Platform for the three main business lines including VIP live broadcasting, K-12 after-school tutoring and children English learning.

Mr. Steve Zhang, Chairman and CEO of the Group, will also serve as CEO of the new brand. “Amid the outbreak of the epidemic, OneSmart Education leverages all of the online resources the Group has accumulated to support teachers and students to continue their education at home.” Said him.

During the past 5 years, OneSmart has invested a total of nearly 500 million yuan in the preparation of online education layout, forming a large product matrix including 1mifudao(溢米辅导), UUABC for children English learning, BestMath(佳慧少儿数学) for children mathematics education, Jingruijiabo(精锐佳播) for personalized live broadcast courses, along with other products focusing on family Education and online group class.

According to Zhang, OneSmart Online Platform will continue the Group’s cutting-edges of high-end personalized education and 1-on-1 teaching model to promote its OMO(Online-Merge-Offline) footprint, meanwhile, vie for more market shares of second-, third- and fourth-tier cities.

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