ATA Delivers Free E-testing Service to Meet Demands amid Coronavirus Outbreak
2020-02-13 15:47:04

ATA(全美在线), a Beijing-based assessment technology and test delivery services provider with its R&D and operation center in Shanghai, has opened free access to its products including e-testing, online interviewing and online vocational training in response to related demand amid the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Eztest(易考) as an e-testing platform supports 1-on-1 real-time monitoring with the function that allows different test sponsors and employers to make out their own questions. In terms of online interviewing, employers can conduct their process by text communication, voice or video calling via the video technology-based platform. And for online vocational training, the product combines “Internet+training” to provide diversified educational resources such as video courses and e-book covering 18 kinds of occupations in 7 major categories including manufacturing, transportation, etc.

According to its official website, with more than 3,000 test centers in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions across China, as well as European and American countries, ATA is capable of providing the broadest range of computer-based e-testing and assessment services to test sponsors and employers, and accommodating over a million candidates being tested concurrently in one single day and tens of millions of candidates in just a year.