Acquired Snail Village to Embrace Art Education Business
by Siyi Zhang
2020-03-05 20:08:05, a Beijing-based education training institution focusing on computer programming and technology innovation targeting children aged 3 to 13, announced recently that it has acquired Snail Village and launched a new product named TianDing to fill the gap in art education of its STEAM business map.

With the slogan of “Make Art And Creativity Happen Naturally”, Snail Village is the first institution in China to combine the mindset of downshifting and art education, integrating a variety of arts such as drawing, music, nature, and literature, and inspiring children's potential to express themselves through art. Meanwhile, as one of the first batch of institutions that dive into the K12 visual arts curriculum from the United States, Snail Village has launched self-developed courses, and provides opportunities for children to show their talents by partnering with international events, such as the Antonio Gaudi’s Exhibition, International Children's Art Exhibition in Tokyo and visiting in Louvre.

Founded in 2011, has always adhered to the “original intention of one class” with its cutting-edges of AI technology, big data as well as cloud computing, aiming to foster the ability of kids in operating, thinking, and solving the realistic problems by building up an educational platform from robotic to a comprehensive STEAM system. After the acquisition, will create an intelligent and immersive online platform for children’s art learning.

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