Cooperating with Women's Volleyball Team, China's K-12 Companies Battle for More Market Shares
2020-04-20 15:18:10

On April 15th, NetEase Youdao's K-12 Online School “Youdao Jingpinke"(有道精品课, means quality course) announced that the Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping officially served as its brand image spokesperson. The brand has also become the first brand to “bring the element of women's volleyball" into the field of online education.


Later, on April 17th, another K12 online education platform in China, Zuoyebang, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese women ’s national volleyball team and became the exclusive global endorsement partner of the Team in the field of education.


Why  women ’s national volleyball team?

The "women's volleyball spirit" is valued by both companies.

Liu Renlei, vice president of NetEase Youdao and head of Youdao Marketing Department, said that the goal of asking Lang Ping to be the spokesperson is to improve the brand recognition of Youdao Jingpinke, as Lang Ping is an epoch-making landmark in the Chinese sports world. According to Zhou Feng, CEO of NetEase Youdao, “The spirits of Chinese women's volleyball team are in line with the high-quality courses and services provided by Youdao Jingpinke. "

Hou Jianbin, the CEO of Zuoyebang, also suggested that Chinese women’s national volleyball team has tremendous impact, surpassing that of sports itself. The cooperation between Zuoyebang and the Team originated from the shared, same concept and spirit.

Fierce competition in K-12 online tutoring sector

Summer vacation is the key period for K12 companies to acquire customers. Last summer, various education companies launched ads campaigns in almost every settings such as movie theaters and subway stations to attract customers and gain market share. Key companies like Yuanfudao, TAL, and Zuoyebang even launched hundreds of millions of Yuan, which further intensified the battle in the K-12 online education sector. As Zuoyebang and Youdao Jingpinke announced their cooperation in a way to promote courses and increases their popularity, there are reasons to believe that the ongoing advertising war in China’s online K-12 sector will become more fierce this year. 



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