Capital Beijing and Hubei Province Announces Timetable of 2020 Gaokao
2020-04-28 16:56:11

Hubei Province recently clarified its timetable of the 2020 college entrance examination(Gaokao) and the arrangement of the spring semester. According to the announcement, Grade 12 students are allowed to return to school on May 6th, and the college entrance examination is scheduled at the same time as the national timetable, which is from July 7th to 8th. When students at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China are going back to school, it seems that China has achieved a staged victory in combating the COVID-19 crisis.

The Ministry of Education previously claimed that Hubei Province and Beijing are allowed to put forward their own timetable of 2020 Gaokao in light of the situation of epidemic prevention and control. On April 12th, Capital Beijing has released the same arrangement.

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