New Guidelines! Masks Could Be Taken off on Campus in Low-risk Areas
2020-05-09 17:56:29

According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, China’s National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education yesterday issued a document to instruct middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens to safeguard the students and staff. 

Specifically, students are required to carry a spare mask that meets the standard of disposable medical masks or of the same protection level. In low-risk areas, students and teachers have no need to wear masks on campus, while the cleaning, security, and canteen staff should wear masks during working hours. Plus, teachers should select exercising items that can maintain a certain distance and students are not required to wear masks in PE class.

The State Council also stated that shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and other living places can resume business based on relevant technical guidelines and under the premise of implementing prevention and control measures. Parks, scenic points, gyms, libraries, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and, other indoor venues are allowed to reopen by appointment and number limitation of people. Moreover, necessary conferences and large gatherings are allowed to be held offline.

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