“Big Chinese Learning” Products Provider YueShen AI Announces Angel Round of Financing
2020-05-21 15:16:15

YueShen AI, a “Big Chinese Learning” platform, announces today its angel round of financing with tens of millions yuan invested by TusStar and QuShiChengZhang Fund(取势成长基金). The investment will be used for platform development and talent team optimization.

The term “Big Chinese Learning” refers to a new subject-based learning mindset and advocates a comprehensive Chinese language training combining both liberal arts teaching and exam-oriented model. Incubated from Lanxum(300010) in February 2020, YueShen AI focuses on providing AI learning products for K-12 tutoring institutions, especially those in third- and fourth-tier cities.

YueShen AI also developed a customized ATS(applicant tracking system) for training institutions, with the functional modules including teaching research, teaching management, marketing, and promotion. By introducing this system, students can finish their tasks, get feedback on their writings, and get writing tutoring from the AI teacher.