DJI Upgrades Programmable Drone for Education Aimed at K-12 Students
2020-08-30 17:53:08


Shenzhen-based DJI Technology(大疆), a world-leading manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography and videography, recently launches RoboMaster TT with a whole package of related education solutions.

The newly released product is upgraded from the Tello EDU. RoboMaster TT targets schools and training institutions. Supporting AI courses and the competition system will provide teachers with the professional drone and AI education solutions.

As a teaching tool, RoboMaster TT puts student and teacher safety first as it can hover precisely and provide necessary blade guard as well as low battery warning. To make learning fun, several products can be connected to a WiFi router at the same time, and receive programming code instructions to collaboratively display simple patterns, animations, and scroll characters through the LED dot matrix screen on the fuselage.

In 2013, DJI Technology tapped into the education sector by holding the first College Student Robot Training Camp, and the “DJI Education” brand was officially launched in March this year. At present, DJI Education has covered learning stages from Grade 1 to the university, forming a system that robotic education is the core, together with products, courses, and competitions.

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