TAL Launches New Homework Product for Mental Arithmetic Aimed at Pupils
2020-09-07 18:45:21


TAL Education Group's online tutoring school brand Xueersi recently launches a new product for mental arithmetic aimed at pupils(小学口算). Students only need to upload the taken pictures of the mental arithmetic work to the application. The system can automatically scan the questions and answers, then generate a report with correct answers and related analysis.

At present, users upload photos more than five times a day on average, to correct their mental arithmetic homework. The application has over 300 million questions corrected every month. The average accuracy rate of correction for all question types exceeds 99%. 

Apart from its main feature, the product also enables students to collect mistakes and generates a flaw sweeper or question their notebook. It can intelligently classify the mistakes, and users can review it according to time or knowledge points. 

For after school tutoring, "Mental Arithmetic for Pupils" provides question banks by grabbing all the published worksheets and exam questions into their system. Every week, students are provided with an assignment of mental arithmetic exercises, which they can download and print at any time.

According to the person in charge, "Mental Arithmetic for Pupils" will not stop at this step. It will extend more scenarios, including multi-disciplinary and comprehensive exercises. In the future, the product will be based on TAL's teaching and research ability to provide better content and services for pupils. Combined with school teaching, it is dedicated to promoting the progress of children's learning by AI technology and realizing the vision of "technology empowering education".

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