Exclusive: Tencent Set to Launch WeChat for Kids? Trademark Application Filed.
2020-09-16 15:01:02

JMDedu has been informed recently that Tencent is developing a new product named “WeChat for Kids”, and the product is undergoing internal testing. Meanwhile, the Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration shows that Tencent has filed both Chinese and English trademark applications on August 19th this year.

Regarding the new product, “the registration of both Chinese and English trademarks in advance is mainly to safeguard our brand’s rights and interests.” WeChat responded.

Online education plays an essential role amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ushers in unprecedented opportunities. Education authorities at all levels and public schools have also attached much attention to using education informatization software and hardware facilities.

However, problems come together. Due to issues such as vulgar contents and blind worship of celebrities, more than 50 applications have been required to launch an anti-addiction system to prevent juvenile users from indulging, but too little effect. WeChat for Kids seems to be one of the solutions that Tencent is trying.

After penetrating educational institutions and public schools with education informatization services, Tencent is now working to address user needs in various education segments.

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