China is Shaping itself into an Education Powerhouse Based on Developing Postgraduate Education
2020-10-07 00:57:05

China’s Ministry of Education(MOE) has recently unveiled a guideline on accelerating the reform and development of postgraduate education, setting goals that by 2025, a high-level postgraduate education system will be basically in place, and by 2035, China will have generally developed into a leading country for postgraduate education with Chinese characteristics.

According to the document, in 2019, the national postgraduate enrollment number was 917,000, an increase of 6.8% compared to 2018. Among them, 105,000 doctoral students and 811,000 postgraduates were enrolled. While the number is increasing, the quality of education must be enhanced, the guideline emphasized.

The system formed by 2025 will have an optimized scale and structure, improved institutions and mechanisms, enhanced education quality, and growing international influence. Moreover, calling for a new mechanism to develop basic, applied, and interdisciplinary studies, the document stressed the importance of strategic support for emerging disciplines to better meet the country’s needs.

The document also highlights the importance of innovation capabilities, which said that postgraduate students' enrollment plans should be targeted at the frontiers of science and technology, as well as other key fields.

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