Innovative Cloud Services Provider XYLink Announces an RMB400M Series D Round
2020-11-14 16:40:07

XYLink, a start-up offering audio and video cloud services founded in 2015, recently announced that it has secured 400 million yuan in a Series D round of financing. This round is led by Qi An Xin(688561), with Shanghai Guohe Capital, GP Capital, and Dunhong Capital Management also participating. 

According to XYLink, the latest fund will be used for technology research and development and production line upgrades. Focusing on “cloud + terminal + AI + platform”, the company has been expanding the scenario-based application of cloud video services in key industries, covering government affairs, education, insurance, banking, medical, manufacturing, petroleum, electric power, construction, and high-tech electronics, etc.

In terms of public and private education scenarios, XYLink has launched different solutions to satisfy different demands, and education institutions can realize pre-class appointments, in-class interaction, in-class management, after-class on-demand courses, and after-class assessment. Moreover, AI technology can also be used to achieve identity recognition, behavior recognition, and data analysis.

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