China holds Gaokao 2021 on schedule with tailored anti-coronavirus measures
2021-06-07 19:41:48

Gaokao, China's national college entrance exam, kicks off today. It is regarded as the most crucial exam in each Chinese student's life. In the past five years, the number of Gaokao applicants shows an upward trendline. According to the Ministry of Education, from 2017 to 2020, the numbers are 9.4 million, 9.75 million, 10.31 million, and 10.71 million;  in 2021, 10.78 million people registered, reaching a record high. 

Most test-takers this year were born in 2003. The births in 2003 were 15.99 million. Assuming all the 10.78 million applicants were born in 2003, then the Gaokao 2021 participation rate is 67.42%. However, since some are repeat students and others, the actual percentage would be slightly less than 67.42%. 

Guangzhou, the hub of Southern China, is grappling with recent COVID-19 cases. To ensure students' safety, strict measures have been adopted, such as wearing face masks, preparing isolation rooms for those with suspicious symptoms, checking the body temperature at the entrance of each exam site, and providing shuttle services. In the morning of June 7, Gu Zhongpeng, deputy director of Guangzhou Education Bureau, stated at the press conference that 54,000 students registered for Gaokao 2021, 52,888 of whom attended the exam. Among them, 241 examinees are close contacts, secondary close contacts, and people with a positive test result. They are placed at close contact and secondary close contact centers and medical centers accordingly, under the supervision of medical staff and educational officials. 

Additionally, more than 800 examinees in Guangzhou have taken the shuttle service, each picked by a designated person and a vehicle with a special mark. 

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