Birmingham edtech Learning Labs for language teaching secures £250k funding from Midlands Engine Investment Fund
2022-10-21 13:12:27

Learning Labs, a Birmingham-based edtech company exploring how the latest technology can make language more accessible to every student, announced yesterday that it has secured £250k from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF). 

The Fund is a partnership between the British Business Bank and ten Local Enterprise in the Midlands to transform the finance for smaller businesses across the region to enable them to access business loans to support growth.

According to the company, the latest funding will be used to create new jobs and expand its digital marketing department.

Founded in 2012, Learning Labs is a team of former teachers, linguists, techies and professionals exploring how the latest technology can make language more accessible to every student. 

The company has developed FlashAcademy, a digital education platform which is used by schools and colleges across the UK to support teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL). 

The award-winning FlashAcademy app teaches English from almost 50 different languages, providing an independent learning experience on any device, smartphone, tablet or PC that can be used in a classroom setting or for remote learning.

The app uses a mix of digital lessons, gamification and the world’s first object translator where the user can take a photo of any object to be instantly translated. The software is currently being used in almost 1,000 schools across the UK and is supporting over 250,000 individual learners.

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