Chinese vocational education platform zhiwen raised a strategic investment of 50 million yuan, will gradually restore the offline customer acquisition
2022-10-28 16:38:46

Zhiwen, a China-based online vocational training service provider, announced recently that it has completed a strategic investment of 50 million yuan. Previously, Zhiwen received over 200 million yuan in financing.

According to Qiu Zhaonian, founder of Zhiwen, the fresh capital will be mainly used for the upgrade of the teaching and research service system and market exploration. At the same time, as offline business gradually resumed, offline customer acquisition will be gradually restored.

Founded in 2015, Zhiwen started its business by solving the job-hunting demands for college students. Zhiwen is positioned as a new-generation vocational education platform. It provides career planning and tutoring services for students, and partners with schools and enterprises by offering training services covering finance, data technology, Internet, law, consulting, accounting, etc.

Zhiwen said that its current income ratio in the business of enterprises and schools has decreased, while the income from individual customers has steadily increased, especially the job-hunting demands for students both domestic and overseas.

It is worth noting that Zhiwen has established a new customer acquisition channel since 2020. About 50% of the students come from WeChat, Red(Xiaohongshu), and Douyin. Since the cost of online customer acquisition is lower than offline, it has optimized the profit structure of the startup.

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