GET 2020|Insiders: Challenges &opportunities in China’s education market

It was beyond doubt that the year of 2020 must be an important time pivot for the education industry. As the COVID-19 spreads since the beginning of this year, education is disrupted globally, but learning cannot be stagnant. In this special year, JMDedu will hold the GET (Global Education Technology) Summit under the theme of “Redefine Learning” to help both Chinese and international EdTech practitioners deep dive into the changes and rebuild confidence.

While what has been significantly changing in China? And where will the opportunities lie in the Chinese education market? In the upcoming weeks leading to the GET 2020 Summit, we will share our insights on how companies and organizations are rapidly adapting to change, as well as explore potential opportunities for further business collaboration.

GET2020-National Tour: Deep-diving into lower-tier cities' education market
How has COVID-19 changed China's edtech?
Where will the opportunities lie in the Chinese education space?