GET 2021|Secrets: Changes, Trends & Prospects in China's Education Market

JMDedu will share our insights on how companies and organizations are rapidly adapting to change in 2021 and explore potential opportunities for further business collaboration. 

When COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated, the education industry in China has transitioned to an era of great changes from uncertainties. Are you curious about how China's education companies seek ways out? How are companies and organizations rapidly adapting to change? What are the challenges and opportunities for global partnership? On Nov.15-16, 2021, JMDedu will launch GET (Global Education Technology) in Beijing, China. This year, GET2021 will provide comprehensive insights about how China’s edtech landscape would be reshaped and help both Chinese and international EdTech practitioners deep dive into the changes and seek business innovations. 

GET2021 - National Tour
Report, Industry Analysis, and Business Model
Reshape China's edtech landscape