Education devices for early childhood still remains a large market space
Published: 2019-11-29 18:13:59


Official Website of Benewtech(Niutingting), screen shot by JMDedu

Recently, Benewtech, early childhood intelligent education device provider for children aged 0 to 8, has raised tens of millions RMB in its Series A + round of financing led by Co-Stone.

The founder, Duan Haiyun regards that the market of smart hardware in terms of “knowledge delivery” has already been crowded, however, the market of new products with more operational possibilities still has a high ceiling. Now, the new version of Niutingting has categorized diverse contents into 12 major topic categories, 70 sub-topic categories, and 24 scenarios according to several standards such as age, scenarios and functions.

Meanwhile, the upgraded product has developed a new function of illustration book reading to enrich the early childhood education experience through interaction. “What we need to do is to reconstruct the scenario of children’s reading and create an immersive learning environment for children,” said Duan Haiyun.

Co-Stone believes that the early childhood education market has vast potential and witnesses rapid growth. As one of the main scenarios, auditory learning requiring exclusive equipment and meeting parents’ demands for safe and pure content has soared during recent years in the context that the generation of the 80s and 90s have become parents.