Chinese edtech startup Zuoyebang taps into physical education from the fitness test
2023-04-07 10:14:52

Zuoyebang, one of the leading K-12 online education platforms in China, recently launched its newly developed physical education application which takes fitness testing as the tapping point and will gradually expand to sensory sports games. The application is positioned as a product that motivates students to exercise.

According to the company, the new App is targeting sports training institutions, students, parents, and trainers from first- to third-tier cities. The product also supports various sports via AI technology. And each sport project provides goals, methods, and demonstration videos.

In addition to physical education, Zuoyebang has released multiple intelligent learning hardware products, including intelligent desks and electronic word cards.

Earlier this year, Zuoyebang launched its newly developed artificial intelligence-enabled desk in Beijing.

With its built-in smart learning system, the AI desk will enable users to search unfamiliar words and make study plans. The desk can also correct the postures of children and identify wrong sitting positions.

As parents are increasingly paying attention to the myopia problems of children, the company also developed smart lamps that can adjust the brightness to protect the user's eyes.

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