Schools Banned to Offer Online Courses of New Semester before Official Reopen
2020-02-04 15:30:20

The Ministry of Education (MOE) issued a notice a few days ago stressing an extension of schools’ winter vacation to prevent the epidemic from spreading to campus, meanwhile, local education departments are required to provide students with free online classes to keep in line with the normal teaching plan.

But the notice seems to be misunderstood in the process of implementation that a large number of schools have started courses of new semester, which increases more academic burden to students. Since the winter vacation has not ended yet, MOE reminds today that this kind of teaching activities are not allowed until schools are officially notified to reopen.

Currently, education administrations at all levels, primary and secondary schools, and after-school tutoring institutions are calling for offering online contents such as epidemic prevention and mental health education to help students get prepared when schools start with online teaching amid the coronavirus outbreak in the coming days.