China Govt Is Working to Resolve The Unequal Distribution of Academic Resources
2020-03-17 19:05:23

The Ministry of Education(MOE) released a document yesterday to enhance the implementation of the “three classrooms” project as a step of the progress of promoting educational informatization. Taking the year of 2022 as a time pivot, the project focuses on solving the unequal distribution of academic resources in primary and secondary schools nationwide.

The first part aims to transfer more educational resources with high-quality to schools in rural areas according to their teaching progress. And the second is going to improve teachers’ abilities and professional skills by building up a network training community. As for the last, MOE will further gather high-quality resources from top schools and promote the sharing of them across the country by the online platform, targeting at bridging the gaps between the schools having different conditions.

The document mentioned that teachers must be trained before the projects are introduced in their classroom, and related teaching and research tasks undertaken by individual teachers will become one of their performance indicators.

In addition, the central government will increase investment in the construction and adoption of the projects in the central and western regions, as well as guide local governments to give more fiscal support in rural, remote and poverty-stricken areas. Meanwhile, enterprises and social forces are encouraged to participate in the construction of the “three classrooms”.

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