China-based Leading Kid Programming Company Hetao101 Announced Updates of Products & Services
2020-04-30 16:06:28

Hetao101, an AL learning platform offering coding products aimed at children from 6-12, officially announced yesterday that its coding products were completely undated in the aspects of teaching research and services in its online press conference in late April. Last year, the start-up has raised more than 200 million yuan in two series of A Rounds.

With the concept of scenario teaching, Hetao101 encourages students to learn coding knowledge and skills via special-designed games. Also, the company provides personalized learning content and tasks for students through AI algorithm. As of March 2020, the number of Hetaol's paying learners is the largest among the programming brands in China, and the total number of learners has exceeded 1 million.

The teaching services of Hetao101 were completely improved during the latest update. To guarantee the quality of the teaching-learning service chain, the company initially created “Mysterious Parents” facilitating learning mechanism. Zeng Peng, the head of teaching department, introduced the speciality of this mechanism is its“Four 1” movement: answering questions within 1 hour; correcting homework within 1 day; testing learners within 1 week and reviewing student's learning result within 1 month.

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