Nearly 58,000 Senior Students in Wuhan Returned to School, But How to Stay Safe?
2020-05-08 15:13:38

Senior students in Hubei Province including ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools have returned to school on May 6th, 121 schools and 57.8 thousand students were involved. 

To guarantee students' safety, educational department and schools take some exclusive measures. Before school reopening, Wuhan government required schools to clean and disinfect the campus, as well as monitor both teachers' and students' health condition. Plus, schools should guarantee that there are no more than 30 students in a class, and arrange students to avoid the peak hour during lunchtime and the time come or back to school. 

Reported by Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan No.23 middle school placed a transparent board on each desk as a precautionary measure against virus spread. Students in Yucai Art school were arranged to test temperature three times a day. 


Senior students are placing transparent boards on the desks. Source: WWW.NEWS.CN

Aiming at learning progress, Wuhan government advocates schools to extend teaching time. Schools in Wuhan are required to appropriately adjust their schooling time based the new arrangement including adding one school day per week, one course per day and shortening summer vacation. Meanwhile, providing online tutoring is also suggested to guarantee students' learning quality.

Moreover, Grade nine and other school years' reopening date will be announced later after scientific evaluation by the epidemic prevention and control department.

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