Educational SaaS Company Xiaomaizhujiao Closes Series A+ Round to Optimize OMO Products Development
2020-06-09 17:52:16

Xiaomaizhujiao(小麦助教), an educational management application, announces recently its A+ round of financing led by the industry fund which is co-founded by Meridian Capital and Weimob(02013). The investment will be used for OMO products R&D, market promotion, and talent development.

Founded in 2015, the company starts from the operation and management scenarios to provide K-12 after-school tutoring institutions with access to the online mobile office. According to its latest statistics, Xiaomaizhujiao has served more than 30,000 institutional and over 400,000 education practitioners, reaching 30 million students and parents. At the meanwhile, XiaomiShow, the company’s advertising tool, has a cumulative exposure of 150 million and transported over 3.5 million students to different institutions.

The COVID-19 epidemic spurs new demands for third-party technical services and operating platforms in the education industry. Xiaomizhujiao has systematically upgraded functions and service capabilities to promote the deployment of OMO, realizing its position from an informatization service provider to an education scenario service provider.

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