Isolation Room Will Be Prepared to Ensure Students' Safety in Gaokao
2020-06-22 10:48:03

The Ministry of Education announces at a press conference that 10.71 million students will attend College Entrance Examination this year, and there will be 7,000 test centers with nearly 400,000 exam rooms nationwide. To ensure test-takers’ safety and health, MOE suggests that it will set up special isolation rooms. Students found with suspicious symptoms like fever will undergo a health care evaluation to determine if they can continue to take the exams, and the delayed time will be made up.

According to an official from the National Health Commission, all students and staff should measure their daily body temperatures and monitor their health situations 14 days in advance. Also, body temperature check areas are required to set up at the entrance of test centers, and all students and staff should have their temperatures checked before entering the test centers.  

Additionally, He Qinghua suggested that students in low-risk areas can decide whether to wear masks or not after entering the exam rooms. In contrast, students in medium- and high-risk areas have to wear. Besides, monitors and staff should wear masks and disposable gloves all the time, and they might need to wear protective suits if necessary.

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