Online Classroom ClassIn Secures Series B Round from INCE Capital
2020-07-16 16:43:14

Educational SaaS Provider EEO(Empower Education Online) announces yesterday that it has raised tens of millions of dollars from INCE Capital in series B round of financing.

Founded in 2014, China-based EEO is always aiming to develop the world’s leading online classroom platform. According to its website, ClassIn was firstly launched in 2015 with powerful capabilities introducing a professional and accessible tool for online teaching both throughout the education industry in China and abroad.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 accelerates students and parents to embrace online education, thus speeding up educational institutions’ OMO business. Song Junbo, the founder and CEO of EEO, introduced that at the end of this March, ClassIn has served more than 10,000 schools from 150 countries with the number of concurrent visits reaching nearly 500,000 and the number of visits per day exceeding 3 million. And more than 12 million students attending classes every week via ClassIn.

At the current stage, more than 70% of the education companies with revenue of over 100 million have become partners of EEO, such as New Oriental (NYSE: EDU) and TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL), as well as international companies like Udacity and Pearson (LSE: PSON).

In the future, “EEO will continue to promote educational technology by developing new products, as well as accelerate our footprint in the global market.” Said Song Junbo.

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