China's online game creation platform BOX3 raises $5 million angel round to help build the metaverse
2021-11-18 16:35:36

BOX3, an online game creation platform incubated by Codemao, a leading online education platform teaching coding in China, closed an angel round of $5 million led by Atypical Ventures.

Shenzhen-based Codemao introduced BOX3 to enable teenagers to build 3D worlds and write scripts for games, as well as collaborate with others in 2018 by leveraging its 3D engine. The team is led by Sun Yue, Codemao’s cofounder.  

BOX3 made its debut in July. The platform allows up to 99 people to create games at the same time. As of today, it has more than one million monthly active users.

According to a statement, the company said it will provide fundamental technology to help build the metaverse, and foster the next generation of diverse creators who are familiar with virtual reality. 

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