Online Learning To The Rescue: How EdTech Companies Played Their Part in Battle Against Virus
2020-02-09 17:56:42


Students across the country have started learning at home via online platforms as a significant measure to control and prevention of the epidemic required by China’s authority. Some of the largest EdTech companies have made great efforts to help alleviate the frontline shortages amid the outbreak, also to ensure that students can get free access to high-quality online course resources.

Yuanfudao(猿辅导), the largest online live course platform serving over 400 million primary and secondary school students in China, has donated 10 million yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation. To respond to MOE’s notification stressing that schools should postpone the spring semester until further notice, the company immediately announced to provide students with free access to the live broadcast courses, as well as core functions and services of all its products.

Since January 30th, Yuanfudao’s free live courses widely applicable to students ranging from grade 1 to 12 in various regions have been launched without quota limitation. The courses consist of two parts including school subject lecturing and humanities-related content broadcasting by masters.

Having aggregated a large database of K12 study behavior, Yuanfudao also integrates resources from all its subsidiaries and provides students with free access to its platforms including Yuantiku(Question Bank), Xiaoyuansouti(online answer book product), Xiaoyuankousuan(homework product) and Zebra AI Class, meeting students’ demand by leveraging AI and big data in educational scenarios besides live broadcasting.

We will continue to follow online education companies' move amid the coronavirus outbreak, please stay tuned.

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