South Korea-based online English tutoring platform Ringle secures $8.9 million in Series A round
2021-04-12 10:21:12


Ringle English Education Service Co., Ltd., a South Korea-based company, secured US$8.9 million in Series A funding round led by Must Asset Management. The early investment brings the company’s corporate value to US$89 million.

Started in 2015, Ringle provides a 1:1 video English tutoring service by connceting students with tutors from top universities. Ringle said it currently has over 500 tutors and more than 10,000 paying customers.

The platform also offers 300 high-quality digital textbooks, educational webinars, online/offline career seminars on studying or working abroad, AI-based feedback reports, and more.

Ringle is planning to invest its Series A funding for recruiting and service & content development within its U.S. subsidiary. It aims to expand in all areas: from adults to juniors, from English to other subjects, and beyond Asia into the global market.


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