What are academic subjects during compulsory education? China’s MOE answers.
2021-07-30 19:17:29

China's Ministry of Education today announced a document on clarifying which subjects would be counted as academic subjects during the compulsory education period as a guide on governance towards off-campus tutoring in accordance with the wide-ranging guideline released last Saturday.

Based on the curriculum design in compulsory education for grades from 1 to 9, ethics and rule of law, Chinese, history, math, foreign languages (English, Japanese and Russian), as well as physics, chemistry, and biology are all counted as academic subjects.

PE (or sports and health), arts (or music and fine arts), and all-round practice activities (including information technology, labor and technology education) are in the scope of non-academic subjects.

According to last week’s regulations, existing education companies providing tutoring on these academic subjects will have to register as nonprofit organizations and cannot be listed on the public market. Listed companies cannot invest in these tutoring providers through financing, and cannot buy their assets by issuing shares or paying cash.


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