MOE: Instructions for Offline Educational Institutions Serving Repeat Gaokao-takers
2020-05-15 16:43:02

During the press conference held by the Ministry of Education yesterday, Wu Yan, the director of the higher education department, introduced that as of May 8th, 1,545 universities nationwide provided online courses that 1.03 million teachers taught 1.07 million subjects covering 17.75 million students. 

Meanwhile, Lv Yugang, the director of the elementary education department, urged educational institutions to firstly resume offline classes which aim at repeat Gaokao-takers and Yikao candidates (Yikao, means an art exam which examines the capability of dancing, singing, acting, etc. for the senior students who want to be professional art workers in the future.)

As of May 13th, class resumption of educational institutions aimed at repeat Gaokao-takers in 21 provinces across the country has rolled out.

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