Deep Diving into China's Education Market under the COVID-19 Crisis

After 11 weeks of lockdown, China ends a 76-day lockdown of Wuhan city on April 8th, which served as a model for countries battling the coronavirus around the world. Since the national and provincial governments carried out educational response measures in the battle against the virus outbreak, all the offline educational activities have been suspended, and schools at each stage have quickly shifted courses and services online. All the measures have been bringing challenges for students, parents, teachers, and the whole industry, in particular the offline institutions. 

However, the crisis also brings more possibilities to educational development not only in China but also in the world. How is China dealing with the problems of national online education? How are China-based EdTechs making efforts to combat the epidemic crisis? What could be the guidance for you to adjust your work? JMDedu launches a new series of feature stories to bring our readers a complete and broad scope of Chinese education under the COVID-19 crisis!

Educational Response Measures
Spotlight on China-based EdTech
Deep Interpretation of Educational Situation